TPS - Telephone Preference Service TPS - Telephone Preference Service
Telephone Preference Service
The free opt out service enabling you to record your preference on the official register and not receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) charge a registration fee?

No, registration is free. The TPS will never contact you asking for payment.

Various companies offer services they claim will stop unsolicited calls, in return for a fee. Some may be fraudulent, and we know of several companies claiming to be the TPS or BT. The TPS isn’t associated with any of these companies.

If you’ve made payment to a company by mistake please contact the company directly, plus your bank and Trading Standards, if appropriate.

Which telephone numbers can be registered on the TPS?

We accept registration of landline or mobile telephone numbers.

Does the TPS stop all unwanted calls?

No. Our remit only covers live unsolicited sales or marketing calls. We can’t prevent other call types, such as recorded/automated messages, silent calls, market research, overseas companies, debt collection, scam calls, nuisance and abusive calls, and so on. Please see Nuisance, Abusive and Other Calls for further information.

Can I register business number(s) with the TPS?

Yes. Limited companies, public limited companies and Scottish partnerships can opt out of receiving unsolicited sales and marketing calls. Sole Traders and Partnerships (except in Scotland) fall under the legal definition of 'individual' and can register on the TPS.

Will the TPS stop calls from friends and relatives?

Registration with the TPS doesn’t physically restrict a telephone line, so it can’t stop anyone from dialling a number. Calls from friends and family or any other calls where the caller is not selling a product or service, are not subject to TPS restrictions.

However, if the purpose of the call is sales or marketing, organisations are legally obliged to screen their call lists against the TPS. They must not make an unsolicited direct marketing call to a number registered with the TPS.

Service-related calls from banks, credit card companies and so on are not subject to TPS restriction.

Does the TPS affect my telephone line, broadband or satellite TV package?

Registration with the TPS places your telephone number on a national ‘Do Not Call' register. It doesn’t physically restrict a telephone line or affect the function of a telephone line or device, broadband, satellite TV or any other device.

Do I need to renew my registration with the TPS?

If you’ve registered a residential number, or a number belonging to a sole trader or (except in Scotland) partnership, renewal isn’t necessary.

However, if you have registered a number belonging to a limited company, plc or other large organisation with the CTPS, you will be sent a written reminder of the numbers you have registered asking if you wish them to remain registered. We require confirmation of this to ensure continued registration.

What if my telephone number and/or address change?

It’s important that you notify the TPS so that cancellation of the old telephone number and registration of the new one is arranged, to ensure you continue to benefit from the service. Please also notify us if you change address.

How do I remove my number from the TPS?

If you’ve registered a telephone number onto the TPS and would like it removed from the file please email your details to