TPS - Telephone Preference Service TPS - Telephone Preference Service
Telephone Preference Service
The free opt out service enabling you to record your preference on the official register and not receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls.

Make a Complaint

The TPS and CTPS offer a free and easy-to-use complaint-handling service.

If you wish to make a complaint, all of the following must apply:

  • Your telephone number must have already been registered with the TPS/CTPS for 28 days or more
  • The call that you are complaining about must be a live unsolicited direct marketing call in which you engaged in a live conversation with the caller, who tried to sell you/market their product or service.
  • The organisation’s name and/or telephone number, and the date and time the call was received.
  • You must consent that some information (name, telephone number) will be supplied to the company you’re complaining about. This will enable that organisation to investigate the complaint effectively, identify you on its database and remove your number as appropriate.

If any of the above doesn’t apply, we may be unable to accept or investigate your complaint. If this is the case, more information on dealing with unwanted calls can be found in our FAQs.